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Local white fish Tataki. (120 gr)  $185

marinated in lemon - white pickle - tomato and caper relish - taro chips.

Fresh tuna red aguachile (120 g) $169
Roasted tomatoes sauce - 7 chilies - sesame - avocado
Nayarit style crispy whole shrimp (250 gr)  $169
Pink aguachile and cora pepper creamy dressing
Truffled beets and royal lemon bruschetta 6 pcs$189
Grilled bread with  fresh mozzarella cheese, pistachios, and capers
Wood-fired flap steak bruschettas 6 pcs $365
Grilled focaccia - eggplant babaganoush - jalapeño pepper gremolata.

Interactive table of artisan cheeses and delicatessen, Build your bite!! 250g $325  

Golden sourdough bread - selection of tomatoes with low oil and sea salt arugulas seasonal fruit compote - creamy mustard - pesto - fresh blackberries  caramelized walnuts 

Order of french fries (350g) $179
Truffle oil- herbs and grana padano cheese
Tatemado tuna tacos (3 pcs.) $179
Black martajada sauce- Grilled serrano pepper- green tomato and ginger relish.
Horny octopus tacos (3 pcs) $189
Beans with chicharron - guacamole - fermented coleslaw and radish. 

Smoked pork belly tacos (3 pcs.) $159

tomato sauce with morita chili - mustard pickle - fresh avocado.


Skirt steak casserole with marrows  $389  

200g skirt + 500g marrows

3 classic taco sauces, guacamole, cilantro, onion, chilies toreados and creole corn tortillas.

SALADS (300g)

Heirloom tomatoes from our garden $155

Marinated with garlic and chili vinegar - roasted peppers and almonds emulsion- aged panela cheese from Tepic - yerba santa oil.

Super house salad $145

Lettuce - tomato carpaccio - cucumber - onion - asparagus - peppers - avocado - classic vinaigrette.


Pear salad $145

Mix of lettuce - sliced ​​pear - praline seeds - dry huajimic cheese - orange vinaigrette.


Smoked beets and quinoa with nuts $165

Jocoque from tepic - almonds - rucula.

Add to any salad:

Chicken breast (100 g) $59   Shrimp (100g)  $110  Grilled Tuna (100 g) $115
Your choice of pasta 
Dry : Penne, Spaghetti or  Fettuccine    Fresh : Fettuccine

• The classics (190g) $159

Tomato sauce / Alfredo / Creamy pesto

Add: Grilled Tuna  100 g  $115 / Chicken breast  100 g  $59 / Shrimp 100 g  $110

• Trip to the Mediterranean (190g) $275

Sautéed octopus, squid, mussels and shrimp with garlic oil, white wine and parsley, fresh tomatoes, fried capers and yellow lemon.

• Fresh pasta with homemade Italian sausage ragout and mushrooms 190g $245

Old mustard sauce and confit garlic, roasted green leaves, herb vinaigrette, mustard seed, and Appenzeller cheese.  


  Also available in a vegetarian version. 190g $245    


• Stone oven seafood lasagna, with light lobster sauce from the Bay 350g   $295

Stuffed with octopus, shrimp, and squid, sauteed esquites (boiled sweet corn grains) with jalapeño

pepper and fresh basil.  


  Add sautéed shrimp with garlic to your lasagna: 100g $110


Imported Angus Meat | with chimichurri and sea salt.

Accompanied by salad, mashed tomato and serrano pepper sauce.

• Porter House Angus 680 g $1100

• Picaña 400 g $435 

• New York 400 g $540

• Rib Eye 400 g  $675

• Flap Steak 250 g $365

• Flank Steak 250 g $320


• Chicken Breast 250 g $195

• Tuna Steak 250 g $345

Grilled fresh asparragus (200g) $139
Toreado's chilis & baby onions (150g) $65  
Grilled mushrooms and portobellos (180g) $120
Grill cambray potatoes (180g) $45
Rustic potato puree with feta cheese and spring onion. (200 g) $95
Roasted corn with cream and cheese (400g) $89
French fries (150g) $75

The classic firewood octopus. (180 g) $295

jocoque - creamy jalapeño and pumpkin seed - potato chips.

Chingona hamburger with angus beef. (180 g) $195

brioche bread - onion and mustard relish - garlic mayonnaise - rúcula -


Bacon 30g $29   | Cheddar chesee 30g $29  | mushrooms 50g $39 | The 3: $89 






We invite you to experience our cuisine with the selection of dishes that chef Jesús Vázquez recommends, a feast of flavors, textures, aromas. Made with local products and ingredients from our garden. We cook it with a lot of love for you!


5-course menu: $580

with mixology, wine and beer pairing: $850

Available in a vegetarian version

* Our tasting menu changes according to the availability of local ingredients and the production of our garden.



Fish from the bay with lobster ravioli and cottage cheese 200 g   $345

Black garlic butter, tomato and fennel ragout, capers, and yellow lemon.


Fresh mussels in parsley sauce, Serrano pepper and bacon 500 g  $ 365

Served with grilled sourdough bread

Beef picanha cooked at low temperature. (200 gr) $335

roasted cauliflower and corn puree - milpero tomato sauce - bean and miso reduction.

Pork ribs cooked in a stone oven. (450 gr) $365

light puree of esquites, stout beer sauce, chilies and brown sugar, relish of tender green beans.

Short rib stewed with coriander and ginger. (250 gr) $455

Polenta with ripe plantain, fried bock choy, light marinade of smoked chilies and coconut.


Casserole of beef rib braised in a stone oven 280 g $295

Chickpea hummus with habanero - purslane, mustard and coriander salad - grilled sourdough bread.

Available in a vegetarian version, with grilled mushrooms  $245

Fresh burrata on pita bread with caramelized leeks 20 cm $225

Grilled pear, pecan nut, and arugula with basil vinaigrette.


Pita bread with Serrano ham 20 cm $189

Fresh tomato slices - arugula from the garden - dehydrated tomato and fried garlic vinaigrette -

Grana Padano cheese

PIZZAS "Chulas"
1.Margarita Chingona - Pomodoro sauce - fresh mozzarella cheese – fresh tomatoes & basil $275
2.Hawaiana BBQ - Roasted  Pineapple - Bacon - Homemade BBQ Sauce $245
3.Pepperoni - Mozarella - Tomato sauce $195

4. Creamy spinach - roasted peppers - mushrooms - roasted onion - fresh tomato - goat cheese - olive oil. $235

5. Roasted pork belly - tomatillo sauce - fresh avocado - roasted onion - cilantro - serrano pepper. $259

6. Italian sausage - grilled mushrooms - mustard garlic aioli - rúcula $235

7. Garlic shrimp - fresh mozarella - tomatoes from our garden - pesto $275

Extra ingredient:

Chicken breast (100 g) $59   Shrimp (100g)  $110  Grilled Tuna (100 g) $115  Octopus (100 g) $170