Aguachile rojo de atún fresco (120 gr)  $155
Salsa de jitomates tatemados y 7 chiles - Ajonjolí - Aguacate
Fresh tuna red aguachile (120 gr) $155
Roasted tomatoes sauce - 7 chilies - sesame - avocado
Local fish Tiradito (120 gr) $175
“Chile Güero” Aguachile sauce - Coconut, mango and pineapple crudite - peppermint - crispy green onion
Firewood octopus (100gr) $275
Creamy jocoque with pumpking seeds and jalapeños - roasted potatoes 
Nayarit style crispy whole shrimp (250 grs)  $139
Traditional Aguachile and chile cora creamy dressing
Order of french fries (350gr) $139
truffled with fresh herbs
Order of fried sweet potatoe (350gr)  $125
ginger kétchup and cora chile
Cheese platter and cold cuts. (200gr) $269
Season fruit compote - arugulas from the orchard
Grilled flap meat bruschettas (6pz) $295
Parsley, garlic & almond pâté – raw asparagus - mustard -  cured lemon.
Grilled focaccia bread with caponata. (6pz)  $169
Kalamata olive emulsion - pickled celery – Basil - Cashews
Horny octopus tacos (3 pieces) $179
Bean with poison - cabbage and radishes salad.  
Pork belly tacos (3 pieces)   $145
Entominated - cambray onion pickled - avocado.
Grilled Arrachera tacos (3 pieces)   $159
Dry shrimp tartar - Morita chili sauce - crunchy leek. 
Chingona” grilled beef Burger  (150 gr) $159
Brioche bread - beef meat - garlic mayonnaise   arugulas and tomatoes from the orchard.
Add bacon:$29   Add cheddar cheese:$25   Add mushrooms: $39   Add the 3: $75  
Grilled portobello mushroom Burger (180 gr)  $185
Green Apple salad - mustard vinaigrette   goat cheese - french sweet potato
SALADS (300g)
House´s Super Salad. $135
Lettuce - tomato carpaccio - cucumber - onion   avocado - peppers - asparragus - classic vinaigrette.
Pear salad. $115
Lettuce mix - pear - caramelized pumpking seeds - dry cheese from Huajimic - orange vinaigrette.
Amazing Salad from our Farm $120
Grilled vegetables - tomatoes- fresh farm cheese seeds vinaigrette and sweet potatoe chips
Salad of heirloom tomatoes and grilled mushrooms $155
Basil emulsion with almonds and orchard arugulas
Fresh pita bread with salad  $135
Mix of lettuce - capers - tomato - onion  goat cheese - fresh avocado.
Add to any salad:
Chicken breast (100 g) $49   Shrimp (100gr)  $99.  Grilled Tuna (100 gr) $89
Your choice of pasta:
Dry : Penne, Spaghetti or  Fetuccini     Fresh : Fetuccini
The classic tomato sauce $139
Our clasic récipe with tomatoes, garlic and herbs
Alfredo $149
Cheese sauce with herbs and White wine
Creamy pesto $149
Basil pesto, confit garlic, nuts and parmesan cheese with a touch of cream.
Bolognese $135
Beef and pork meat slowly cooked in tomato juice, herbs with red wine.
The Mother of pastas (Recommended with fresh pasta) $210
Poblano pepper sauce with Kefir whey, spiced chickpeas, fresh homemade cheese and
smoked Portobello mushrooms.
Thai pasta with rice noodles $195
Sautéed Shrimp from the bay, with sweet and sour tamarind sauce, tofu, soybean sprouts,
green onions, roasted peanuts and egg.
Travel to the mediterranean  $230
Octopus sauteed, shrimp, mussels and squid, White wine, olive oil, garlic and parsley, fried
capers and yellow lemon.
Flap Meat steak on the grill with mushroom sauce $245
Sauteed tomatoes from the orchard with garlic and fresh herbs, meat juice and White wine.
Add to any pasta:
Chicken breast (100 gr) $49         Shrimp (100gr) $99 
Classic lasagna.  $165
Beef and Pork Ragu, tomato sauce, mushroom and grated cheese
Matanchen lasagna. $185
Seafood stew, cooked in White wine sauce, cheese and fresh herbs, garlic spinach, served with a light shrimp sauce.
Cooked to the Wood with house salad and chunky salsa
Tomahawk High Choice (1 kg ) Ask your waiter $1,650
Porterhouse High Choice (680 g) $795
Rib Eye USDA Prime (400 g) $590
New York High Choice (350 g) $395
Picha Choice (400 g) $385
American Flap Meat (250 g) $330
Arrachera High Choice (250 g) $265
Chicken Breast (250 g) $175
Tuna Steak (250 g) $295
Grill cambray potatoes (180gr) $39
Roasted corn with cream  and cheese (400gr) $57
Grill tomato with garlic and herbs (220gr) $45
Casserole of grilled vegetables (400gr) $75
French fries (150gr) $65
Fried sweet potato (150gr) $75
Toreado's chilis & baby onions (150gr) $65  
Grilled fresh esparragus (200gr) $95
Catch of the day in chileatole sauce. (200 gr)  $325
Fish filet cooked in butter, Corn masa & tomatillo sauce, white corn sautéed with garlic, purslane salad and radish.
Pork ribs cooked in the stone oven with  homemade stout beer sauce(500 gr) $298
brown sugar and soft chilies, light puree of "esquites"
Flap meat steak cooked 12 hours. (200 gr) $325
Roasted Tomato ragout & bone marrow, potato emulsion and meat jus with confit garlic.
Boss's Grilled Bone Marrow (1kg) $235
Refried beans, smoked sauces, grilled onions and homemade tortillas.
Margarita  $245
Fresh tomato – basil – mozzarella cheese.
Hawaiana BBQ $183
Roasted  Pineapple - Bacon - Homemade BBQ Sauce
Pepperoni $173
1.Fresh mushrooms - roasted peppers - grilled onions - sauteed garlic spinach and fresh goat cheese.$195
2.Roasted tomato sauce - chorizo - grilled arrachera- beans with pico de gallo sausage - roasted beef - bean salad - serrano chile and avocado.$195
3.Italian sausage - mustard aioli - sauteed mushrooms - chimichurri - arugulas.$199
4.Pomodoro sauce - fresh basil - Prosciutto - parmesan cheese- rucula.$239
5.Garlic sauteed shrimps - homemade pesto- cherry tomatoes- fresh mozzarella cheese.$259  
Extra ingredient 50gr: $29 / $39
Extra shrimp/octopus 50gr:  $85

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