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“Summer and its flavors”


 Inspiration from our #FamiliaLoma42  30g


1er  Course

Warm tomatoes and fresh mussels 60g    

mussel consommé, basil, and lemon.


2do Course

Pita bread, with burrata and avocado from our orchard 120g

fried garlic, and pomegranate.


3er Course

Taco de tripa crujiente 1pz

“Milpero" tomato and nopal relish.


4to Course

Grilled fish fillet 120g

Grilled green Leaf's salad with Local Mushroom consomme

 and homemade bacon.


5to Course

Poblano chili panna cotta 60g

Goat cheese ice cream, and olives.

5-course taste menu: $690        with pairing: $1250

*Our tasting menu may change due to the availability of local ingredientes and our orchard production

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